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About Us

It's all about family for our founder, Con

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"They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s similar in business. From a village of two in 1991 when we started, to a village of seventy-five now, Fastrac Foodservice has been raised well and continues in great hands."

"For me it’s about family – so when both my sons joined me in the early 2000’s to keep the Fastrac company growing and moving forward in new and exciting directions, I was over the moon.

As the Fastrac ‘big daddy’ or what some called ‘the big banana’ of Fastrac, I’m now retired and was asked to put some of the Fastrac history on the record. So here we go …

Once upon a time, in a far, far away land named Greece, I was born. Now in my seventies, I’m remembering less and less, common for my age, so apologies if this history may be a mix of fact and fiction … "

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"Born of migrant parents, I arrived in Australia in 1945, aged one (I don't remember much of that day). Fast forward to the seventies, I had a tendency to not do much, they say if you remember them, you weren't there.

I had many jobs, and mostly bluffing my way through most of them, but I did learn how to do foodservice right, and doing it right the first time around.

Fastrac began in 1991 during a recession, and the first year there was no money, (a Greek with no cash is not a good look and my parents were embarrassed). Married, a mortgage and two kids, as one famous Greek Zorba, said, 'the whole catastrophe', I thought I could just do it, no worries mate.

Hard work, lots of luck, more hard work, more lots of luck, we continued to grow, why was that?

Because the customers always come first (perhaps not always right. but they still come first!)

We were 1 out of 150 operators in the Melbourne region alone and definitely not the biggest, we had to try and be different. We delivered six days a week, took orders at midnight (and a little after), we chased products that you needed, and we tried to be competitive.

And we are still trying to do it better. Do we get it right? Did we please everyone?... Hell no, but we kept on learning and trying, and we will continue to learn and try.

In the early 2000's I was lucky enough to have both my sons Nick and James join me and be part of Fastrac, earning their positions through hard work, whether it was cleaning the warehouse, washing the trucks, did the night shifts and made deliveries.

Some 30 years later they are running Fastrac Foodservice, and I'll admit, they have steered the business forward much more than I could, – James pointing us in the right direction and Nick making sure we can afford it and have the systems to get there.

This wouldn't be a family business without looking forward though, to the next generation, while they may still be babies, they love the trucks and love food too."

Con Kostarakis, Founder
Fastrac Foodservices

Our Team

Our Fastrac team are reliable, responsive, practical and always understanding of your priorities and deadlines. From the front office to the warehouse, and from our sales representatives to our delivery drivers, we understand that attention to detail and quality control is what matters. Our promise to you is that we will go the extra mile always.
Meet our management team
Kym Kirk

General Manager

Daniel Stevens

Operations Manager

Chris Hawkins

Sales Manager

David Heneghan

Purchasing & Supplier Manager

Evette Rabba

Administration Manager

Andrew Skerys

Warehouse Manager

Dennis Reilly

Key Accounts Manager


Morale & Social Events Manager


Our Values


Our PEOPLE are the backbone of our business. We trust, respect, encourage and empower each and every member of our team.


Our BUSINESS is grounded by integrity.
We are a customer centric, reliable partner, who is always happy to go the extra mile to customise products to meet our customer needs.


Our SAFETY is a priority always. The health, wellbeing and safety of our team is a shared responsibility for all.


Our PASSION is to deliver great service and quality food with an emphasis on creating a sustainable future for all.